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GFS/AFM - Advanced File Manager

GFS/AFM is the most advanced tape library manager for z/OS systems and a leading solution in the market. GFS/AFM automates and integrates all management operations for protecting and releasing volumes in z/OS tape libraries while also controlling the transit of volumes, security vaults, and external tape libraries.

Notable for its versatility, GFS/AFM works integrated with other external data managers (TSM, DFSMShsm, etc), supports most robots and virtualization systems available in the market and is easy to use.

GFS/AFM provides high availability and reduces costs dramatically, eliminating the practice of frequent shutdowns for configuration or maintenance.

GFS/AFM is continually developed and is the only tape library manager that consistently keeps up with the advancements made in tape storage technology.

GFS provides conversion programs and services to easily and seamlessly migrate from pre-existing tape management systems to GFS/AFM.

GFS/AFM Benefits

Maximizes file protection and volume release

Higher availability of stored data

Simplifies tape library management for the next generation of mainframe professionals

More secure, eliminating the risk of undue release of volumes

Continuously enhanced solution