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GFS/SOM - Storage Optimization Manager is a modular product that attends two important storage management demands:

GFS/SOM is a solution that focuses on two important tape storage requirements; optimization and migration.


The GFS/SOM Optimization Module allows writing files to disk, which would otherwise be written to tape, freeing processing time and capacity, with the files being timely released or moved to the tape in an optimized way.


The GFS/SOM Migration Module allows files to migrate to different tape storage technologies, as well as loading virtualization equipment (VTS/VSM) with data stored in the physical tape collection.


As an additional benefit, it offers the "post processing stacking" optimization feature, which allows stacking files to optimize tape usage.


GFS/SOM Benefits

Improves the performance of the jobs that use tapes

Reduces job execution time (elapsed time)

Allows migration to new media

Increase the number of released volumes (scratch tapes)